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The Company

We are a privately owned and operated Dubai-based company offering physical scale models and interactive media for emerging and leading establishments, property developers, cultural institutions and private individuals in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Region.

Our products and services cater to many industries and can be used for various purposes such as exhibitions, design work shops, conveying design ideas to key decision makers to land investment capital for upcoming real estate developments – the possibilities are endless. One thing is certain that a well-crafted scale model brings credibility to any design and YOU the designer or developer presenting your ideas.



A scale model is an important tool for architects, engineers and developers.

A bespoke scale model

Will boost sales

Let’s face it a great design portrayed through an equally high quality scale model will excite potential investors in turn giving you that edge needed over your competition.

realistically interprets your design

Although we now have the options to showcase our designs through 3D digital media, nothing really portrays the true feeling of your project like a physical scale model. Physical models allow the spectator to appreciate the materiality of the physical design from any angle he or she pleases while allowing for the true feeling of scale in context.

Represents work in progress

Scale models can be used by designers to represent to those with limited drawing interpretation skills the building or structure coming to realisation. Often times the scale model will also help foresee flaws and actually aid in the design process.

Is a great discussion point

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a model must be worth a million. A model can really speak for itself which can become a very handy tool to clearly demonstrate your design intent.

Serves as a memento

A scale model with your company logo given as a gift or souvenir to your client at project handover will ensure that your company will be noticed for future business deals. It is a smart way of leaving behind a positive notion of your company.

products and services

  • Master Plan Scale Models
  • High Rise Developments
  • Small to Large Villa Models
  • Commercial Centres
  • Interior Scale Models
Engineering scale models
  • Power plants
  • Desalination Plants
  • Oil and Gas Refineries
  • Military Models
Marine scale models
  • Small to Large Ships
  • Oil Rigs
  • Marine Terminals and Ports
interactive options
  • Computer Animation
  • Interactive Touch Screens to Highlight Model Components
other services
  • Refurbishment of Existing Models
  • Delivery and Installation of Existing Models

Quality and Craftsmanship

All Monrac Scale Models products are designed and manufactured using the latest state-of-the-art computer programs, laser cutting machines and materials of the highest standard known to the model-making industry. We believe so much in our products that we offer up to a 3-year warranty* on craftsmanship and material.

Every model we supply is designed and crafted by skilled and experienced model makers who altogether have spent over 30 years refining their craft within the UAE & overseas. The quality of each model is carefully monitored at every stage of production – from computer aided drafting to assembly so you can count on us to deliver only the best product.


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